Montreal executive apartments and corporate rentals

Montreal executive apartments and corporate rentals

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Being in Montreal for a while for either visiting the city or business purposes is an interesting experience. We are living nowadays in a quite messy world (the result of a careless industrial boom), so it should be a real joy to have to deal with a city ranked among the first 10 cleanest in the world. Normal human beings long for tidiness. And normal human beings associate tidiness with home. Therefore, it is normal that when you are away from home, you would like the place where you live for some time to have at least a little shade of your familiar environment. Unfortunately, hotels – fancy or not-do not provide you such thing. The best way to have a home –away-from –home is to choose the alternative of executive apartments and corporate rentals. You will always find one to match the size of your pocket as the offer covers everything from a loft to a fancy executive studio.

Having a job that gives you the chance to travel sometimes is bliss. Having a job that makes you commute is hell. Unless you have such an executive apartment, with help of which you do not have to have the snail condition (always having to carry your home with you). Corporate travelers know the best how important is to find such a home base alternative to the impersonal hotel rooms. This solution for temporary housing will make life on the road less stressing. They are provided with everything a “household” require. They are suitable single travelers or for family. Their location was a further criterion when selecting them; therefore, you will find yourself in the very heart of the wonderful city.

The alternative of Montreal executive apartments and corporate rentals is also convenient for the companies having its professionals shifted for various reasons and for various periods. Besides providing them housing with the appearance of a home, where, if the case, they can take their families, then there is the always-important money issue. In case of such accommodation, the rate is per apartment and not per person (as in case most of hotels). No company will be happy to pay extra money for the poor fellow to have his wife and three children with him, although everybody is aware that for best results no one should be torn between occupational duties and home sick. Having to pay only for the apartment solves this problem.

And since we came to money, some will for sure be saved as, per general, the whole deal is cheaper. For obvious reasons. A hotel needs quite a large number of employees to take care of all involved operations. Whether you take advantage of all the hotel facilities or not, you will somehow pay for them. The wage of the person taking care of the sauna or the massage-boy is covered by the rate you have to pay for your room. Waiters and chefs attend their in-house bars and restaurants to whose wages you contribute whether you enjoy a drink in the evening or not. The door attendant is very happy to see you coming as you carry with you some of his money (I am not talking about the tips –those are extra costs). The hotel business, as any business must have profit, must it not

As alternative, we can choose a location with a friendly and more domestic look, where you must pay only for what you make use of. You can cook yourself your meals (well, in this case you can’t blame anybody), as the apartments are equipped with all appliances required or such activities, or there is –as all such housing facilities are in the house of Montreal- a huge offer of restaurant and bars within couple of minutes of walking. You can buy your drink and only pay for it and not for the pouring skills of the bar tender. And at the end of a most busy day, tuck in your bed without having to pay for the receptionist (for instance).

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